Yes, all service tour and hospitality operators, including those in the land, maritime, and food and beverage industries, must assume a firm commitment to the risk management plans implemented by their company and by the authorities. The measures and regulations include but are not limited to the items below. For additional details, please contact your hotel, tour operator or travel agent.

  • Tour operators should suspend the use of brochures and/or shared magazines. Once a brochure or magazine is shared with a guest, they should keep or dispose of as they wish.
  • Tour operators should shift to advertising posters and digital media to provide information and promote activities and excursions. Brochures should remain behind the desk/ counter and only shared when a guest requests it. This information must be digitized or laminated and disinfected before and after each use.
  • Tour operators must disinfect and wash hands after each interaction with the guest and in continuously throughout the work day.


  • Taking the temperature of every passenger prior to boarding any excursion transportation
  • Thoroughly sanitizing all equipment used by customers (tanks, masks, paddles, etc.) before and after use
  • All boats will be sanitized before and after each use
  • Maintaining established safety distance throughout the activity


  • These guidelines apply to horseback riding, sightseeing, zip lines, theme parks and paintball
  • Reduction of vehicle occupancy to 50% to guarantee safe distances between clients
  • Use of masks inside all vehicles
  • Preparation of one-way routes to avoid crossing paths with other groups

Sanitation of all surfaces and equipment that customers come into contact with (reins, harnesses, helmets, vests)