The Amadita and Reference laboratories can perform the PCR tests at home so it is necessary to coordinate with enough time to schedule the visit of the specialists, since 48 hours are required to process the sample and deliver the result, according to the following guidelines:

  • If you are in a hotel outside of Santo Domingo, we recommend that you schedule the test from the moment you arrive in the country to ensure the availability of the specialists, so you can get the result when you need it.
  • If you are in Santo Domingo, you can schedule the test the same day or the next day.
    Remember that you must present your passport to take the test. For home tests to be performed at the hotel, you must inform the reception staff so they can give access to the laboratory specialists.

You can make an appointment for the PCR test sample collection through the following channels:

Amadita Laboratorio Clínico

It has 47 branches strategically located nationwide for general clinical analysis.

The COVID-19 PCR test is performed nationwide by requesting a visit to your hotel of a specialist or in person at the special collection points located in Santo Domingo and Santiago.  You can request the test by completing the form required by the Ministry of Health through the following channels:

  • App Amadita (available for Android & IOS)
  • Web page
  • WhatsApp 809-682-5414

In addition, COVID-19 antibody tests can be ordered at any of their nationwide branches and at-home service.  Please check the nearest Amadita Clinical Laboratory branch and hours of operation on the Amadita App and website

For more information contact 809 682-5414 or

Referencia Laboratorio Clínico

A network of 51 locations throughout the country.


An easy and reliable self-collection set containing materials and instructions for collecting saliva samples. Our laboratory will manage the shipping and collection of the kit with an exclusive courier.


A method that consists of performing the test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in your body from the comfort of your vehicle.



A health care professional with personal protective equipment (PPE) is brought to the site for sampling.

  • Call Center: Tel. 809-221-2684
  • Referencia WhatsApp : Tel. 809-221-5545