(TravelPulse) – A study of global travellers by Preferred Hotels & Resorts has some promising stats for travel agents and folks in the industry.

This month, Preferred Hotels & Resorts conducted a global future travel survey with members of the brand’s loyalty program – I Prefer Hotel Rewards – inviting them to share their aspirations and plans for future travel when restrictions are lifted or eased.

Nearly 4,000 I Prefer members opted to participate, and the results reveal an incredibly positive attitude towards travel for the second half of 2020.

– More than 50% of respondents (54%) say they’ll book a trip in 2020, and most will do so as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. A smaller number, 17%, said they’re booking trips for 2020 now.

– Eighty one per cent of those surveyed said they plan to travel by plane.

– Seventy five per cent pf respondents plan to travel with family, having spent so much time apart. They are ready to reunite with loved ones.

– Globally, 44% of respondents said they plan to travel to North America, while 30% citied Europe and 11% said they want to explore the Asia/Pacific region.

– North American respondents said their top regions for travel will be North America, followed by Europe and the Caribbean. Despite a strong desire to stay regional, more than 40% of respondents still want to travel to another continent.

– Fifty one per cent of those surveyed said they plan to book a city hotel, while 30% are looking to book a beach resort.

– Thirty two per cent of respondents said they plan to spend $150-$249 USD per night, while the same amount pegged their daily spend at $250-$499 USD per night.

Asked to name their top destinations, survey respondents listed Florida, Italy, the UK, California, France, Hawaii, New York, Spain, Japan and Mexico.

Source: TravelPulse https://ca.travelpulse.com/news/hotels-and-resorts/preferred-hotels-resorts-study-travel-desires-are-strong.html