(Travel2Latam)-The initiative of the Government together with the private sector, seeks to contribute to the positioning of the country as a tourist destination, regarding the reopening of the sector that is carried out through the Ministry of Tourism.

The president, who was accompanied by the first lady Raquel Arbaje and the vice president of the Republic, Raquel Peña, appreciated the contribution of Juan Luis Guerra and the private sector.

“Today that world tourism has been equally kicked by the crisis caused by the pandemic, full of pride we welcome with open arms this invaluable contribution that one of the great sons of our country, Juan Luis Guerra, makes to us,” he said.

Abinader highlighted the artist’s commitment to the Dominican people, while indicating that with this gesture of selfless collaboration, he makes himself available to his country.

He said that “Juan Luis represents the best of our Dominicanity. He has undoubtedly been one of the great ambassadors of all the good that our country has to offer ”.

The ruler highlighted the greatness of the Dominicans in times of crisis, the generosity and unity of the people.

“Despite the fact that the pandemic seems to have caused a sudden chaos, actions like those carried out by Juan Luis today invite us to dream of a better tomorrow, which will only be possible if we build it all together,” he said.

The president thanked the representatives of the private sector for their continuous contributions to the country, and for putting in favor of the country, not only economic resources, but also their time, their ideas and their capacity.

On his side, David Collado, Minister of Tourism, said that “this initiative fills us with pride, not only because it contributes to the work that we have been developing to strengthen the image of our country and relaunch the national economy, but because we have the support of an artist like Juan Luis Guerra, whose image and career elevate the Dominican Republic throughout the world ”.

Ligia Bonetti, coordinator of the private sector for the Country Brand Multisectoral Commission, recalled that one of the pillars of this initiative is culture.

It meant that “it is a commitment to share the values ​​of the Country Brand, and thus, with a sense of pride and belonging, with the love and joy that they infect everyone, here and around the world, with the best that our Republic has. Dominican. ”

The activity took place at the Hotel Embajador under strict social distancing measures.
Present were Eduardo Estrella, president of the Senate; Alfredo Pachecho, president of the Chamber of Deputies; the former president of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía; Milagros Ortíz Bosch, Director of Government Ethics and Integrity; Milagros Germán, Director of Communications for the Presidency; Frank Rainieri, president of the Punta Cana Group and Paola Rainieri, president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES).

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